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| Best Practices download page as PDF
DISCUSSION: How to manage a demanding chapter executive committee

  • Mirror member's behavior - lean, nod, smile to demonstrate agreement , understanding and create rapport.
  • Don't fight the member, don't let them affect your mood - time and patience are great mantras in seeing through disagreements.
  • Be open with members who are doing things in a bad way - time and positive approach can often help provide constructive criticism.
  • In the crossfire - messenger between officers: Remain objective, avoid personal opinion and use the cc button effectively.
  • Be honest with yourself. Run a self - audit for:
    • Insecurities
    • Dwelling on past failures
    • Personal expectations & internal criticism
    This will curb the negative reactions and promote self improvement. Remember, we are our own worst critics.

    Leading the Leaders:
  • Tasks for members should be checked for: inspiration, accountability, public praise - the motivators that turn members into champions.
  • Need fresh members on the board - need renewal through planned succession. Unwilling Officers can slow down a Chapter.
  • YPO is not always a priority for members - so play coach, motivator and friend as you nurture the champions and help them excel in their creative outlet
  • Set goals together with officers - tie your objectives to officers and use that as a reason to push them.
  • Encourage GLC participation - by talking about the programme, sharing your experience of the workshop and reminding them of the minimum standards policy.

    Demonstrate your value:
  • Send an update / report to committee on best learnings. They paid for your visit -show them the value.
  • Pull best practices and take to each officer - there are a lot of good ideas in the tool kit.
  • Last year's what worked / what didn't work is a good exercise to take the new team through - you ARE the institutional memory.

  • Requests that do not make sense - ask clarifying questions, share past experience, offer alternatives.
  • Effective committee meeting agenda - Format the minutes with clear action items and responsibilities. Prioritise quick, objective decisions for early part of meeting and leave the idea generation for later.
  • CA job description - Clarify job role to set expectations
  • Last minute requests - share your job list and ask that the member speak to the other member who has prioritized your task.
  • Get chair and requestor talking to each other
  • Spouse requests - If these are not from Day Chairs and/or do not relate to YPO work - you must bring it to the Committee's notice and seek chapter policy on this. Cite the example of other Chapters where CAs' time is for YPO work ONLY.

    How to be a part-time CA with a full-time workload: Time Management

    Work with the Personal Assistants of officers
  • Make sure that they take on some of the work-related to their position
  • Meet with them
  • Not all officers will involve their PA's with their YPO activities
  • Educate officers on role of the CA at the GLC

    Calculate hours of work after under-estimated
  • Approach board and provide information on hours worked
  • Request salary increase
  • Clear communication path with chapter chair
  • Manage expectations with officers
  • How to say "no"
  • Set clear codes of conduct for telephone calls and try to stick to them
  • Commitment from officers and from Day Chairs
  • Include PA's, etc., in procedures

    Current hours worked
  • 3 to 4 hours per week, per day, per month
  • 20 to 309 hours a week
  • Working two jobs - YPO is 2nd job
  • Night shift
  • Working for a YPOer and doing CA role

    How improve time management / handle workload
  • Get a defined job description
  • Write your own and discuss with the chapter leaders
  • At the annual retreat, have the officers establish their requirements and expectations for the next year
  • Email list of priorities and ask which one they want completed first
  • Tell them "no" or pay me for the time
  • Create an email address just for YPO
  • Get a separate phone for YPO and turn it off at closing time
  • Spell out vacation
  • Don't feel guilty when on vacation
  • Balance your mind and your time
  • Define officers duties
  • Tell them "no" (in a nice manner)
  • Track requests and member ownership
  • Pad your time - give yourself an extra day. Tell them 2 days vs. 1 day - playing it safe
  • Use time savers - schedules and calendar
  • Don't be shy to follow up
  • Back up why it will take longer
  • Don't spoil your members

    Chapter Newsletters/E-Newsletters
  • Have strict standardization of newsletter - determine up front what sections you want to have every month (e.g., member news, events, new members, conferences, etc.)
  • Use the style guide in the Tool Kit on MyYPO -
  • Hire a professional copy editor
  • Determine how often you want to distribute - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Send the newsletter to the spouse and to the member
  • Ask members for input for stories
  • Ask your Area Director for story ideas
  • Suggestion from CA's - include monthly newsletter fillers on MyYPO that CA's can easily copy and paste into their own newsletters
  • Use pictures from events
  • Add to the new member kit and use for recruiting
  • Make the newsletter the same size as YPOI's Explorer - standard size will make YPO communications more recognizable
  • Combine international stories with local
  • Go to for information on web-based marketing
  • Do not send E-Newsletters the first or last day of the work week - send in the middle
  • Include "YPO" in the subject line of the E-Newsletter so it is recognizable
  • Include links to MyYPO in E-Newsletters
  • Include purpose of e-mail in subject line (e.g., YPO: Chapter Event Invitation)

    Education Program Ideas
  • Intimate talk with speaker - limited seating - open circle seating - 2 hour - Anne Wall - Sydney
  • "Inside the Boardroom" - give option to speaker to review who's coming list - no speech preparation - low cost - Cliff
  • What kind of speaker to invite - up to the education chair - a recognizable name
  • "Enemies of self-esteem" - speaker for complete family - then broke - children to play - adults into forum groups - what had parents done vs. what the children would want them to do - Barbara de Rolz Guatemala
  • Inactive members - invite them as speakers/resources - Fee Lam - Indonesia
  • Invite prospective members to the event - get a YPO member as speaker - can talk about their business and YPO - Tina Fiallo - Dominican Republic
  • Panel of 3-4 YPOers of a chapter - who have gone bankrupt - personal crisis - cost nothing - used to the idea of forum confidentiality - 49ers - Cliff
  • YPO father figure - have the children give them their 49er gift - Guatemala
  • Find out special interest of members - the member themselves may do everything since they are "proud" as resources - Carol Lao - Hong Kong
  • Bring dance instructors - forum setting - have the members and spouses dance the night away - Guatemala
  • When they become members get a credit card agreement from the members where if after 30 days of event not paid, then the credit card will be charged automatically - Sydney
  • Set a preliminary budget - if go over budget then day chair to pay for difference - they all want to shine
  • Business content examples? - business crisis, family crisis
  • How to protect your teenager - rape, drugs, etc - invited America's most wanted - Sonja Hodson - Alberta
  • Boardroom lunches - go to business - tour - Anna from South Australia
  • One restaurant - teach children how to cook - served parents - ran the restaurant - good for customer service - Guatemala
  • Dinner with US Ambassador at his residence - Jolanda from Amsterdam
  • Dine-around - some members host - the others are the invites - Sydney
  • Dinner in Israel - tour of synagogue, ambassador spoke, chef taught them how to cook - it was educational and political - Guatemala
  • The chef's kitchen - 5 star hotel - dinner party in the kitchen of hotel - Sydney
  • Took members to hotel's kitchen - they cooked while wives seated in the restaurant - Guatemala
  • Sunday morning clubs - 9-11 am - limited to 6 families - archery, etc. - very well-rated - South Australia
  • "Three generation golf and YPO what?" a day of golfing the member's parent, the member and the member's kids played - member's parents understand how YPO impacts their children and grandchildren - Guatemala
  • Current ed chair to talk to past ed chair - what worked what didn't - education chairman dashboard - Cliff
  • Anniversary event - focus on chapter - how it started; weaving sports and YPO into the theme; Loay & Arthur Gillis gave overview on YPO; speaking on different aspects of YPO; backdrop was a score board; (Madras)
  • Surprise event; only dates and location known to members; went to a farming area; members had to do everything from scratch (milk the cows, pick vegetables) and cooked dinner in an open area. Idea is to create something they would never do on their own. Israel
  • Men and women divided responsibilities working with 2 groups of hotel chefs; men prepared main courses and ladies prepared starters. Harare
  • Hosted a MENA Event - 5 day area conference (cross chapter events between 2 or more chapters); 1 day in Cairo; covering 4 different destinations including a chartered flight to Luxor and many offsite activities; format works better than traditional classroom style events. Cairo
  • Chapter Exchange between Iowa and Vietnam
  • Chapter Exchange between India and Australia - families living with another YPO family of a different culture Madras
  • Christmas pantomime event - members put on costumes to play different characters and they were given scripts and put on stage (they didn't know anything before the event). Forcing members out of their comfort zones. Harare
  • YPO Trade Show - members and key associates manning their booths to introduce their business; children invited; venue was a member's showroom
  • Police Event - go to a firing range; look at whole process of people being arrested; evening presentation by police officers and gang units on community issues. Manitoba
  • Members riding in police cars at night time to see what policemen do.
  • Thematic event: boy's night out drinking scotch and dressing as Scotsman. Madras
  • Using chapter members as resources (e.g., chairman of stock exchange closed the local stock exchange for a day for YPO); spouses more excited than members Cairo
  • Politicians and government ministers in members' homes
  • Family skating event with an Olympic gold medalist (e.g, Nancy Kerrigan?) Keystone
  • Ramadan event; visited a synagogue; exposure to the Jewish community Cairo
  • Color from the inside out hosted by a member who has a business in paint chips; talked about trends of color, marketing color for business; women in color Manitoba

    How to create great events on a limited budget
  • Email invites - cut down print costs
  • Postcard invites - especially if from venue saving you from printing postcards, stick labels with event info.
  • Invitation shells . template for the whole year . print only event information.
  • Have spouses make calls
  • Reduce reception time to 30 minutes, buy only what they drink, avoid hotel bar - reduces alcohol bill. Unfinished bottles are kept by Chapter and taken to the next event. Brief wait staff as to how you want glasses to be topped up.
  • Invite YPOers/WPOers as resources as they don't generally charge.
  • New Member Orientation done at homes of Exec. Committee instead of Club. And Exec Committee takes turns to host.
  • Reduce number of events - more bang for the same amount of bucks.
  • Offer optional events which are as user pay, even as you reduce the number of events.
  • Move to heavy finger food instead of plated dinner.
  • Never open every bottle of wine, wait till it is required - brief vendor.
  • Impose a no show fee, late cancellation fee. Those who don't pay, roll-over into yearly dues
  • Use private clubs instead of hotels, eliminates service charge
  • Use members' connections with hotels/member's membership
  • Get members' sponsorship from members' companies - drinks, a/v, event management
  • Allow sponsoring members a little display area to promote themselves.
  • Eliminate hire of photographer by buying own digital camera
  • Have photographer run an on-site darkroom to print on the spot for members to leave home with a photo.
  • Use champions' in-house design team who does it for nothing.
  • Member's connections - members sit on Board of Directors of Museums, etc . access to unusual venues
  • Do not use an event planner for holiday parties
  • For holiday events, use venues that already have decorations in place, requiring you to do minimal dressing
  • Move event to mid-week, cheaper on venue rental.
  • Eliminate band - members don't care to dance anyway . have pianist/harpist.
  • Have events in member's home - allow everyone to see everyone else's house. Provide a fixed sum for member to use as they chose. They spend more, they pay out of own pocket.
  • Invite a "celebrity" to the home as well
  • Provide raw food . allow members to cook their own meals . casual event.
  • Make use of local community events - tag group to someone else's organized event.
  • Member invites others to his business or someone else he knows . meals either at the venue or location near the location.
  • Venues are always homes of Day Chair.
  • Use members' second/weekend homes, boats, etc. Eliminate or reduce venue rental
  • Home exchange . chapter and chapter.
  • With Dine Arounds - CA allocates members venue and arranges member seating . split them up. Members sign up for a date and not a venue.
  • With caterer/vendor . try to set a number of events that will be given to them so as to negotiate a price break.
  • Use local resources - saves on travel and accommodation.
  • Use members' and friends of members connections/venues, etc. to reduce cost of hire.
  • Members' TRADE SHOW - each and every member given a booth, they get to showcase their products/businesses. Invite WPOers to sit on a panel and share their experiences of what they have received from their time in YPO. Separate area for kids. On a weekday.
  • Take the members into the kitchen to prepare the meal (under direction); wives at a lingerie fashion show; members bought items for wives.
  • Cheap centerpieces - greenery; candles; electrical tape; fruit; tin cans with holes punched in the sides and candles in the middle.
  • ON WEBSITE - post for cheap ideas for centerpieces; themes; invitations; menu cards; service staff outfits.
  • Send invitation reminder via SMS.
  • Reduce phone calls during meetings - impose a fine for phones ringing. Take phone away and have them pay to get phone back. Or take away battery and have them pay to get the battery back. Money goes to charity.

    How to Get Members to Use MyYPO
  • Why don't members use MyYPO?
    - lack of time
    - easier to call
    - lack of knowledge
    - lost password
    - don't know the benefits, value or relevance
    - 3rd world - connection very difficult
  • How do we make members understand how important it is?
    - do a presentation at the board meeting
    - get new member integration people to train new members out of the chute
    - kickoff to the new year - mandatory for all members -
    - send out links with different information - send one or two at a time, once, twice a month
    - news flash - one page - short and sweet - did you know? This available online, etc.
    - make sure new member integration people
    - send Executive Assistants all same information
    - need incentives for them to go
    - very user-friendly, simple, don't intimidate members with all information available - do it little by little
    - SHORT manual - MyYPO for Dummies
    - laminated card with username and password
    - CAs need access to list of usernames and passwords
    - New member programs - CA online, knows that member's industry - show him list of members in his industry
    - YPOI send CA PowerPoint inserts on MyYPO and recertification slides
    - whatever we share with them has to be RELEVANT to their interests
    - get people to talk about what they found on MyYPO - ask members to share good experiences
    - GSC phones every member - tries to talk through new member through = successful
    **except - ONLY been happening for a short time, not enough new members to judge
    - Membership Officer responsible to follow up with new members after GSC contact
    - Use Networks Officer to contact new members
    - Brief, non-threatening manual - New Member Kit!!
    - Forum moderator meeting - ask for 10-15 minutes of time to share with their Forum members
    - give Forum moderators a short demo
    - CAs need usernames and passwords!
    - one page handout with teasers on important information on MyYPO: search for people, events, marketplace, industry roster, M2Mx, Global Youth X-change, Member profile!, chapter photo gallery
    - Did you know? Newsflash from CAs - sending links
    - New member orientation = critical!
    - Demo a member industry/ interest search
    - hear a member going somewhere, do a directory print of the members that are there
    - Chapter officers know value, but don't know how to share
    - Annual general meeting - have chapter officers present info - short, basic training
    - How to use MyYPO - include tutorial in newsletter
  • Kids and Spouses - schedule in person appointments with member AND spouse
    - Approach spouses at Spouse Forums - trickle down to youth
    - Make an appointment at a Forum moderator meeting - approach the moderator
    - small Forum group more manageable, pay attention to moderator
    - train spouses at the GLC
    - train spouses at a SPA - Wild Women in the Wilderness, etc.
    - use humor in training sessions
    - scavenger hunt on MyYPO, Weakest Link game, etc.
    - wine and cheese hour with MyYPO
    - members don't want spouses to have access (Singapore)

    How to Increase Participation in Events
  • Brussels: Local initiation fee for new members (1000 Euro), they get back within a year if they participate in an international event
    - Relies primarily on electronic email invites
    - Sometime uses Evite ( to track attendance, let members see who's coming, send reminders, etc.
  • Maumee Valley: PIP-participation incentive program - chart: at end of year, if you've attended 7 out 0f 12 events, you submit to a lottery, winners get 3500 dollars towards university or conference, money is only received if they actually register for the event. Also good way to track attendance
    - If arrive at the meeting past a certain point they don't credit for the attendance
    - Business meetings, holiday parties, forum-doesn't count
    - Participation up to 75%
    - Changed start time to 5 p.m.
    - New members start according to start date
    - Creativity of the invitation encourages member interest
    - Forums as day chairs
    - If day chair wasn't performing, team structure in place to support effort
  • Philadelphia starts at 4.30 p.m.
    - Chapter Health officer, tracks attendance, reaches out to the members to inquire about low attendance
    - Assign a member to mentor prospective members-and also seat them together at events
    - Day chairs send a personal letter to each of the members to encourage, personalized invitation.
  • Start time, programming critical
  • Western Australia: 3 invitations-spouse, home, email goes to member and exec asst.
    - Sometimes personal post drop helps.
    - If program involves kids-they elect a child day chair, to manage enrollment
    - If member can't come, sometimes spouses will be able to attend.
  • Microsoft photoshop
  • Monterrey Chapter
    - Day chair and spouse phone members encourage participate
    - Encouraging forums to get involved
  • Barcelona/Madrid: Send electronic invites, chapter admin follows up with the members that haven't responded.
  • Alpine: tracks attendance and sends out "yes, no, maybes"-"naming and shaming"
  • Cancellation policy-last minute cancellations do not get refund. Credit cards on file.
  • Alpine-no shows charge the per cost head charge if they last minute cancellation or no show
  • Maumee Valley-100 pp/ 72 hrs in advance
  • Barcelona/Madrid-member introduces perspective, mentors
  • Philadelphia has spouse mentor program. Also sends a long stemmed red rose and copy of the program to encourage spouse participation
  • Maumee Valley-send something special to executive assistants to encourage them to get members to come. Competition with prize to.
  • Chapters vary in terms of engagement with exec assts.
  • Istanbul - periodic communications prior to event. CA will call a couple of days prior to event.
  • Maumee Valley - utilizing the speaker for meetings-a.m. exec assts, p.m. spouses. Shared lunch with separate seating.
  • Aging parents, plastic surgery, drugs, alternative medicine, yoga, book reviews
  • Indonesia: invitation by fax, by phone. Chapter chair reach out. Sometimes spouses
  • Western Australia-chapter retreat
  • London - education chair and spouse, first event, anchor event. Huge, splashy event, elaborate invitations, venue.
  • Bangalore - Day chairs responsibility. Spouses involvement is also very important
  • Delhi - send a photo of the event to those that didn't participate with a 'Wish you were here!' note.
  • Get spousal participation by sending invitation to them
  • Group - on average two invitations (hard copy to the home, email to the office and PA)
  • Alberta - Member/executive phone to see why no response and why no shows.
  • Bangalore - use SMS as reminder nearer to the time of the event.
  • Rio de Janeiro - Family event - send invitations to children. Get them to be Day Chair so that they can rally their peers to put pressure on the parents to attend.
  • New England - mandatory policies are good but be sensitive to the level/number of events.
  • Thailand - forum component is extremely high in the chapter. Education events are low priority.
  • Japan - arrange forum meetings around education events.
  • Japan - attendance of less than 30% are interviewed by membership/communication member and these interviews are posted in the newsletter published 4 times a year.
  • Alberta - name and shame include not RSVP, didn't attend and no shows.
  • YPOI - get the sponsor to mentor new members - bring them to events, introduce them to members, etc.
  • Alberta - color code name tags of new members.
  • New England - email photos of all new members before an event. New members are 'new' for a year. An old member will stay with the new member until s/he 'hands them over' to another old member.
  • Emirates - once every month have a power lunch covering business issues.

    Education and Events Roundtable Discussion Points
    Kal Denzel, Heather Hays and Karen Spiegel

    Burning Questions?
  • Registration fees and user pay - when do you set the amount and charge the fees, before or after event?
  • Increasing member responsiveness to all forms of communication
  • Best frequency for emails
  • Cancellation policies/charging penalties
  • Sharing templates, e.g., sample invoices
  • Best practices in chapter exchanges
  • Time management for CAs and getting members to do their fair share of work
  • CA orientation
  • Evaluation responsiveness
  • Best practices in budgeting and stretching funds for events

    Increasing Event Attendance

    Event Marketing
  • Use text messages the day before
  • Send a "Who's Coming" email listing all attendees (and those who haven't RSVPed) to the chapter 1 week before
  • Email event photos and member quotes the next day to the chapter so that those who didn't attend see what they missed
  • Use humor and creative marketing (doesn't have to be expensive)
  • Use e-vite software program (be careful of using member email addresses that might get "spammed")
  • Have Education Chair use forum moderators to market events to their forums (spouse forums too!)

    Rewards and Buy-In
  • Have Education Chair visit all forums and spouse forums at the beginning of the year to get feedback and ideas on events and to market the upcoming education year
  • Use limited attendance events, esp. at the beginning of the year to set the tone
  • Communicate there is a waiting list, or "only a few seats left"
  • "More is less" on the number of the events
  • Participation Incentive Program (PIP) - highest attendance wins a voucher from the chapter for $3500 to a YPO International event (must attend a YPOI event to get the money)
  • Reward members with high attendance - access to a special event for only those who attended a certain % of events

    Working with Executive Assistants
  • Copy EAs on all invoicing (get member permission)
  • Give EAs a prize for members with highest attendance
  • Host an executive assistant training day
    • Send a permission letter to all members first
    • Have lunch at a trendy restaurant
    • Get door prizes/gifts from member companies
    • Hold at a member company (e.g., day spa, makeup company)
    • Raffle a nice prize
    • Use a speaker for a chapter event the next day, or earlier the same day ("Taste of YPO")

    Integrating Prospects/New Members
  • Use ribbons, stickers, or color coded namebadges to identify prospects and new members
  • Have new members arrive early and sit at the registration table to greet all arriving members
  • Each has a host member for the evening
  • Email the profile, photo and bio, the week before
  • Have each give a brief introduction at the event
  • BE CAREFUL - don't have prospects and spouses come to business events where a lot of spouses will not be in attendance. Choose events carefully!

    Stretching a Budget

    Inexpensive Events
  • Member Profile Events - have business events featuring a member and his company. Builds chapter cohesion and very inexpensive
  • Inside the Boardroom Business Events - roundtable with local business leader at company headquarters. Limit attendance and have a confidential Q&A on leadership challenges.
  • Use YPOers/49ers/WPOers from other chapters to speak at your event - one great idea is a forum confidential panel discussion of business crises that a few key 49ers have lived through

    Finding Inexpensive Speakers
  • Find speakers from your home country who now live abroad but would be motivated to travel to your country (e.g., London Business School professor from Nigeria)
  • Have your education chair use the member networks to find key contacts and access to local talent
  • Contact local branches of international companies and agencies to see if senior management is traveling to their branch and might be available to speak
  • Contact local universities to see who might be a visiting professor, or a guest lecturer
  • If your city is a stopover place on the way to a popular destination, speakers may be willing to schedule a stop to speak to your chapter

    Event Management
  • Dine arounds - use more member homes and corporate facilities
  • Beer and wine only events
  • If your event ends at noon, no lunch
  • Instruct waiters not to automatically top off glasses of wine
  • Get RSVPs for both event and dinner (some will attend event but leave before the meal)
  • Limit reception and open bar to 30 minutes (but don't cut members off at the bar, instead, encourage them to head into dinner by changing the lighting or music - don't get them angry!!)
  • Sign a multiple event contract with one caterer to get discounts
  • Occasionally use buffets at appropriate events
  • Occasionally have a heavy hors d'oeuvres event instead of dinner
  • End events earlier - your members will thank you to get home to their kids, and will drink less too
  • "Bring Your Favorite Bottle" event - members bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share

    Cost Savings
  • Rosters/directories
    • Paperless directories - either CDROM or online
    • Wallet sized contact info cards - print multiple times a year to update
    • Share your directory with your WPO chapter
    • Use a 3-ring binder and only print inserts rather than a whole new directory each year
  • Paperless invites - use HTML templates - can increase attendance!
  • Joint ordering of supplies with other chapters (e.g., prospect ribbons, namebadges)

  • Wineries or liquor companies sponsor with in kind gifts of alcohol for some events or all year
  • Two corporate sponsors for the year - a representative is invited to each event to network with members (no sales pitch)

    Charging Penalties
  • Cancellation policy - 24 or 48 hours before event
  • For no shows - "impoliteness fees"
  • For those who show without having RSVPed - late registration fees
  • Must have STRONG education or chapter chair to sponsor this initiative
  • Invoice comes from education chair not CA

    Other Great Ideas

    Fee Confusion/Invoicing
  • Send a comprehensive breakdown of all fees to all members AND their assistants

    What to do with extra books?
  • Mail packages of books from chapter events to new members
  • Donate to local school or business school

    Sharing Templates
  • Create a place on the CA dashboard on MyYPO

    Get Chapter Members to Do Their Fair Share of Work
  • Must have strong member champions on events
  • Get personal assistants involved and oriented through a training program
  • Involve spouses

    Levers for Motivating Members
  • Negative - competition and embarrassment
  • Positive - inspire, acknowledge, reward

    "Best Practices Usage of MyYPO for CAs"
  • Creating and using group emails
    • Go to your chapter operating tools
    • Group Email Configuration Manager
    • Create a group
    • Pick particular members or chapters
    • Select the names (use Shift key to select all)
    • Click "add" and moves everyone
    • Control key to highlight individuals, then delete
    • Save list
    • You can also email the list to other people (e.g., Executive Committee)
    • The list lives on the homepage under the name
    • Click on send
    • Limitation - will NOT update automatically as new members are added
    • Can add additional addresses to group (e.g., Area Director, Education Director, personal assistants)
    • Pull mailing addresses into excel spreadsheets - on chapter roster, preferred contact details, can print mailing labels
    • The export data is pre-arranged in groups via dropdown lists to make searching easier so you don't get all the data each time (e.g., family info, address info)
    • Mailing lists exported to outlook or excel
    • Manage membership and forum groups through templates
    • To send an email to regional officers - go to Region Homepage, and pull up directories
    • Email addresses - cut and paste, then concatenate function in Excel to get ; attached for use in Outlook
    • Being able to email all chapter members at once - lost functionality and annoyance with duplication of work - why can't we have the group email back??
      • Virus protection for members
  • Updating chapter member profiles
    • Update chapter member record - update email, add a child
    • Click submit
    • Permission is granted to CA and 4 officers
    • Can ask for special permission for other officers (e.g., communications officer)
    • To delete someone - contact Jason Yeoung and membership to change the role status
    • Can also make someone inactive (such as former CAs)
  • YPO Toolkit (formerly Brand Book)
    • 65% of questions can be answered on the Toolkit
    • Toolkit - bylaws, templates, broken out by function (e.g., day chair guide)
    • For help, call AD or GSC
  • CA manual
    • Top 20 questions
    • FAQ's with quick links
  • Logo
    • Toolkit - can download the YPO logo on the "logo guide" - several different varieties (colors, with text)
    • Default to JPEG for viewing
    • EPS maintains true colors; JPEG may get washed out
    • Marketing management - email logos to vendors, different formats available - also read "Do's and Don'ts" and mention confidentiality
    • Logo only or logo with the text "Young Presidents Organization"
    • B/w is black and white
    • Reverse logo - for printing on dark paper
    • To add to a document, simply click on the logo and Copy and Paste to your document
    • Paste logo into text box so that text will wrap around
    • To resize - only click on the corner marks, not sides, to maintain proportions
    • Format picture layout feature - will wrap text on
    • Resave the formatted logo under a new name
    • Check out the do's and don'ts for customizing the logo

    Best Practices
  • Send an email to all CAs "Tip of the Day" from the questions ADs get most often (then weeded out by a CA rep - filter)
  • Each CA in region email a "Best Practice" to all other CAs on a rotating basis
  • E-vite works for some chapters
  • Invites and RSVP system - available on chapter roster, however, not as customizable as e-vite

  • Tool Kit
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